Prenuptial agreementsWhy have a prenup?

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Why have a prenuptial agreement?

Since prenups are not strictly legally enforceable — at least at present — why bother?

No one gets married thinking that their marriage will break down. But due to the high incidence of relationship breakdown in our society, most people (particularly those who have been married before) sensibly recognise that separation and divorce are a possibility. Sadly, more than one in three marriages end in divorce and the incidence of divorce is even higher for second or third marriages.

A properly drawn up prenuptial agreement will not be a cheap option and the additional expenditure, on top of all the wedding costs, may be very unwelcome. However, the legal costs of a prenuptial agreement are likely to be much less than the costs that would be incurred by an acrimonious divorce, involving a protracted dispute about financial matters.

In essence the purpose of having a prenuptial agreement, a bit like an insurance policy, is to spend a not insignificant amount of money upfront before the wedding to avoid having to pay out a lot more in the event of the breakdown of the marriage.

We know how to help you

If you are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement, we provide free initial legal advice by telephone or e-mail. We assess your requirements and provide initial advice about how a prenuptial agreement could work in your particular circumstances, at no cost to you and without any obligation for you to instruct us formally to act. If you do then decide to instruct us formally, we will invite you to attend a meeting. After that meeting, we will provide you with an estimate of what the cost of your prenuptial agreement is likely to be.

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