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Prenups, Postnups and "Nonups"

Prenuptial Agreement ("Prenup") or Premarital Agreement

An agreement made by a couple before getting married, setting out how they intend to organise their financial arrangements during the marriage and what should happen in the event of the breakdown of the marriage.

Precivil Partnership Agreement

An agreement made between a same sex couple prior to entering into a Civil Partnership and operates in exactly the same way as a Prenup.

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Postnuptial Agreement ("Postnup")

An agreement made after the date of the marriage and works in exactly the same way as a Prenup.

Separation Agreement

An agreement entered into by a married couple after their separation, dealing with the legal aspects of the separation. Often the agreed financial arrangements are subsequently incorporated into a Court Order when the couple get divorced.

Prenups, Pre-civil Partnership Agreements, Separation Agreements and Postnups are called "Marital Agreements"

All operate in a similar way and are not strictly legally enforceable at the moment.

Living Together/Cohabitation Agreement (sometimes called a "no nup" agreement)

Agreements between unmarried parties. Unlike prenuptial agreements they are generally regarded as legally enforceable. They are not part of the subject matter of this website as the law regarding the breakdown of relationships between unmarried couples is completely different to that which pertains to couples who have been married (whether heterosexual or same sex couples) or in a civil partnership.

If you are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement, we provide free initial legal advice by telephone or e-mail. We assess your requirements and provide initial advice about how a prenuptial agreement could work in your particular circumstances, at no cost to you and without any obligation for you to instruct us formally to act. If you do then decide to instruct us formally, we will invite you to attend a meeting. After that meeting, we will provide you with an estimate of what the cost of your prenuptial agreement is likely to be.

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